The Colorado Network of Health Alliances is accelerating change in Colorado’s communities

Colorado Network of Health Alliances

Across Colorado, communities have established health alliances, made up of health care leaders, providers, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and community residents, to work together to improve their community’s health. Recognizing these health alliances as powerful voices in their communities, Center for Health Progress has brought them together since 2012 to form a statewide network—Colorado Network of Health Alliances. Working together, the health alliances seek to uncover commonsense solutions to their complex problems and share successes and learnings from their individual efforts. Through collaboration, we are able to accelerate change in Colorado’s communities and health policies.

About the Network

The Colorado Network of Health Alliances currently has 20 active members and includes hundreds of organizations. While each health alliance is unique, comprised of members and priority areas that address the health priorities of the community, they are all community health improvement organizations that:

  • Work to improve access to care and community health outcomes through collaborative strategies that catalyze change, break down silos, and improve coordination of the health system
  • Include a variety of health system and community leaders working across sectors and with community residents

The Network’s membership participates in shared learning and networking opportunities and works together to identify areas for collective action.

Learn more about the Colorado Network of Health Alliances by reviewing our annual report: 2017 Progress & Possibilities

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